8 Ways We Help You Build & Optimize Your Virtual Practice

  • Increase Clinical Revenue – Become profitable in telehealth by learning advanced business methods and by working smarter, not harder
  • Compliance – Address Telehealth Compliance / HIPAA / Licensure Issues Within Your Practice Area
  • The Tech & The Tools – The Software, Hardware and Additional Tools You Need To Effectively Run Your Virtual Practice
  • The Art of Virtual Communication – Communication Practices to deliver virtual care as efficiently as, or better than, in-person visits (Dr. Fred’s Signature Virtual Patient Methodology)
  • Virtual Healthcare As A Business – The Billing, Business Development & Lead Generation Practices That Will Makes Your Virtual Practice Thrive
  • Virtual Meds: How To Prescribe Medication Virtually
  • How To Handle Emergencies – How To Handle Patients Experiencing A Medical Crisis
  • The 5 Step Process – How To Start A Practice and/or Find A Virtual Health Care Position (i.e. Locum Tenens Positions)
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Why This Course is For You!

Mastering TeleHealth is a virtual course and community for telehealth professionals across numerous fields who are just getting started OR optimizing their virtual healthcare practice.

This course is for Healthcare Professionals (i.e. Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers) as well as the people that support, serve, hire and manage them (i.e. Medical Supervisors, C-Suite Executives, Technologists, Managers, Leaders).

If you’re in a healthcare field delivering your service online, this course is for YOU!

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About Dr. Fred

Fred Moss, M.D. has served in the psychiatric field for over 35 years. He has substantial experience providing services in a vast array of settings, both in-person and virtually, through telemedicine in outpatient, residential, inpatient, residential rehabilitation, orphanages, assisted care and clinic facilities, and with the homeless. Dr. Fred has treated and improved the lives …

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