What to Expect from Mastering TeleHealth

  • Increase clinical revenue
  • Understand the rapid developments in the industry
  • Deliver virtual care as efficiently as, or better than, in-person patient visits
  • Distinguish your clinical practice
  • Understand the impact of HIPPA
  • Understand licensure issues
  • Effectively bill and collect fees
  • Handle prescribing issues
  • Master techniques to ease patients
  • Adjust lighting and environment
  • Track performance utilizing video recording technology
  • Secure a telehealth position and generate strategies to acquire more leads
  • Increase income by learning advanced business methods and by working smarter, not harder
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Who Do We Train?

We provide training to those with an interest in delivering patient/client care online through face-to-face meetings. In addition to psychiatrists and other physicians, we also invite psychologists, therapists, students, business/life coaches, and other interested parties.

Private 1:1 training and consulting available.

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Sample Training Curriculum for Individuals

Lesson #1: Welcome and Introduction to the Four Components.

This course and workshop is unlike any other you have participated in. You will not only begin to learn advanced virtual communication skills to start or enhance your telehealth work, but the course is also intended to carry over into your life, including your personal and professional relationships, and even within yourself. Participants will explore the four crucial considerations necessary to be successful in virtual care delivery. Participants will learn the ideal equipment and software for virtual communication. Essential factors of your presentation to the client will be examined. Elements of developing the optimal relationship with patients will also be discussed.

Lesson #2: Power of the Screen.

This lesson reviews significant aspects of the development of “watching” behavior associated with screens. Through a colorful review of history and impactful entertainment genres, you will better understand and utilize web-based video interactions.

Lesson #3: Power of the Screen Part II.

This lesson is a continuation of the prior workshop’s topic. Introduction of new concepts, including how information is absorbed differently while watching a screen, and the theory that virtual interactions move a person from passivity to activity.

Lesson #4: Virtual Office.

This lesson addresses the physical and digital environment of your virtual office. Discussions include the benefits of having a virtual office.

Lesson #5: Ethical Behavior.

Adherence to ethics requires careful consideration in the context of telehealth. Licensure boards and governing agencies are just beginning to develop rules and laws for this emerging medium. HIPAA is very important and will be touched on, but not elaborated upon, given time constraints of this introductory course. Appropriate references will be provided and specific issues can be brought forward in the discussions as it relates to the participants and their concerns and experience.

Lesson #6: Prescribing and Emergencies.

Patients prescribed benzodiazepines, stimulants and other controlled substances need special consideration, particularly as it relates to telehealth services. This lesson discusses issues specific to these populations and how to effectively manage highly-prescribed and abused medications. Additionally, this lesson focuses on how to address psychiatric emergencies with your virtual care patients. Conversations related to being out of state and providing safety for patients are included.

Lesson #7: Communication Considerations.

Participants will consider the many different aspects of communication. More specifically, we will include discussions about communication within the context of the virtual medium. Participants will gain insights into understanding the power of telehealth. This lessons also focuses on the underlying or unseen aspects that impact performance and the personal mastery of communication.

Lesson #8: Cleaning Up Mistakes.

This lesson examines the inevitable mistakes, errors, and missteps that arise as a professional in virtual care, and as humans in all our relationships. This lesson teaches 4 steps to right those wrongs, and bring a closer level of respect, honor, and genuineness.

Lesson #9: Jobs Jobs Jobs.

Discussion of tips, ideas and considerations to make when pursuing telehealth work and enhancing practices. Participants will gain insight into many strategies never before considered.

Lesson #10: What's Next and Wrap Up.

We'll review key learning points, field any remaining questions, and discuss next steps for starting or expanding your telehealth practice.