Dr. Fred’s TeleHealth and TeleCoaching course was exceptional. The course was delivered from Dr. Fred’s extensive knowledge and experience working in this venue. In addition to critical information about TeleHealth, such as the legal issues and technology, he provided participants with useful adaptations (including photos) of the work environment and tips-of-the trade not found in books. Dr. Fred’s presentation style was dynamic. I appreciated interactions with professionals from different fields. One of the best aspects of the course was having an opportunity to practice a TeleHealth session and share the experience. What I learned during this course gave me the confidence to start my own practice; I had my first TeleHealth client the morning after the last course session.” — Dolly Costello, Ph.D., LEP, ABSNP

“Mastering TeleHealth met and exceeded my expectations for the course. As a medical student going into psychiatry, the information provided to us by Dr. Moss and his incredible team will be invaluable in my future practice. It has opened up an entirely new horizon of possibilities and I am more excited than ever for my future practice as a psychiatrist!” — Abram Pan

“I understand that telehealth is destined to become an important component of healthcare in the near future.  However, I had no idea where to start, or even if I should start, to investigate incorporating telehealth into my practice.  The Mastering TeleHealth course met many of my needs through interesting lectures and practice sessions.  In addition, the availability of the instructors throughout the course was spectacular, and I feel ready to move forward incorporating telehealth into my practice.” — Nels Kloster, MD, Psychiatrist

Dr. Fred and the team at Mastering TeleHealth were extremely professional and the course was an excellent introductory experience to the new and exciting world of electronic medical care provision. Through a combination of lecture slides, small groups, and practical application, I received a wonderful overview of how and why TeleHealth is the way of the future. I would recommend it to a provider at any stage of his or her career!” — Second Lieutenant Steven Paul Nemcek, MS

“The Mastering Telehealth course was an incredible experience for me, opening my eyes to the world of telehealth. Dr. Moss’s passion for this technology was contagious and he created a safe place for me and my colleagues to learn from each other in respectful and fun ways. I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in advances in healthcare.” — Marcus Pak

I had the unique opportunity to assist on the team that developed the curriculum for Mastering TeleHealth, and then enroll in the course as a participant. While already familiar with utilizing web based video-conferencing, the course took my level of comfort and understanding of the dynamics that can play out in the on-line interaction to a whole new plateau.  What I especially enjoyed about the course was the presentation of relevant information mixed with utilizing the medium of live web-based sessions.  This created a dynamic and interactive experience that completely reinforced the value of utilizing telehealth.  Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned pro, the Mastering Telehealth course will provide a valuable experience.” — Sean Smith, MA, LSW, LICDC-CS